totally awesome table lamps

The coolest table lamps on the block. The table lamps by Junkyard Lighting are anything but ordinary. These hand crafted lamps will draw the attention of anyone that walks by them. These lamps have a refined industrial feel with details that will have you asking for more.

One in particular caught our attention and stole our heart; the LED Key Switch Reading Lamp. This table lamp turns on and off with the turn of a removable key in the front and features an LED light that puts out a subtle light that can be used for reading, creating or just as an accent piece to feature your favorite framed picture.

led%20key%20switch%20reading%20lamp%203 totally awesome table lamps

Here are a few more awesome table lamps and to view all table lamps click here:

product img 92 400x299 totally awesome table lampsproduct img 74 400x299 totally awesome table lampsproduct img 97 400x299 totally awesome table lamps

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