Among the table lamps, floor lamps and trouble lights, there are amazing novelty pieces that will bring a light to your home.  Junk Yard Lighting’s creator, Kevin Pritchett has an amazing imagination and loves making his ideas a reality.

One piece that he is particularly fond of is the Industrial Dog Lamp. With it’s tail in the air and nose in the ground, the dog looks so playful and fun. The tail lights up and makes a great conversation piece.

Another Novelty item that has grabbed the attention of many is the Black Iron Industrial Menorah and the Galvanized Industrial Menorah. The Black Iron Industrial Menorah sits on a natural wood stand, while the Galvanized Industrial Menorah takes a more minimalist approach with a simple round base.

There are many more novelty items in the works so check back!

Marinemine – The Mine Furniture

Mine furniture, depsite its unprecedented novelty, brings together the two directions in the artist’s work. It can be clearly sensed how the artist has enjoyed playing with materials and forms, having developed both its meanings and looks, creating a versatile series, based on contradictions and contrasts.

Karmin uses mines as modules. The entire furinture series is composed of only two existing basic forms of mines – the hemisphere and the cylinder. With great delight, he has concocted utility articles of diverse forms, resulting in armchairs, writing desk, bed, toilet, cupoard, bathtub, swing, fireplace…By the hand of the artist the militaristic metallic scrap has become the design furinture of remarkably modern appearance. He has added to the scrap metal the beautiful hand-treated copper details, metal mesh, perfect, leather upholstery and granite and glass surfaces, thus consciously increasing the semantic contradiction of objects. Mine furniture is by no means scrap furniture in its usual meaning; it is carefully designed and appreciated by handwork. Here we have works of art that are not just sculptures or pieces of furniture but both at the same time.

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